Lean Farming Videos

Fix What Bugs You
Piglet Snatcher 2000

Do You Have A Lean Mindset?
Can A Knife Fix What Bugs You?
Awesome Small Improvement
Horse Feeders
Can Duct Tape Fix A Piglet?

Can Presidents Fix What Bugs Them

2 Second Improvements

Hog Panel Improvement

Do You Use Kaizen Foam?

How Long Does It Take To Make An Improvement?

4Wheeler Improvement

IPole Improvement

Cattle Guard Improvement

Freezing Water Improvement

Chicken Coop Improvement

PEX Improvement

Water Improvement

Should Improvements Go On Vacation

How Many Improvements Can You See?
Best 2 Second Improvement
Keep Improving
When Pigs Fly
Shop Door Improvement
No Improvement Is To Small
Do You Ever Loose Your Hammer?
Keep It Simple
Does Your Water Freeze?
Temporary Post
Hay Wasters
Buck Scrape Farm 2 Second Improvement
Farm Receipts
Small Improvements Add Up
Post Hole Diggers
Feeding Baby Piglets
Kids 2 Second Improvement
Remote Control
Under The Truck Seat
Gap Handles
Blooper (Look for it in the background)
Keep It Simple
Hooking Up A Trailer
Breakfast Improvement
Do you get shocked opening fences?

What Are The 8 Wastes
The 8 Wastes Lawn Cutting Style
The 8 Wastes Plumbing Style
The 8 Wastes Hay Style
The 8 Wastes Travel Style
The 8 Wastes Sheep Style
The 8 Wastes Politics Style

Can Pigs Overproduce
Can You Have Too Much Sand
To Much Hay

Waste of Inventory


Tractors and Transportation

Duct Tape & Piglets
Batches = Defects

Horse Feed & Overprocessing
Scrambled Eggs
Cutting Wood

Breaking Ice

Trash Bags
Truck Key
Horse Feed
In the Kitchen
Motion on the Farm

Taking Cows To The Market

Wasting Potential
Wasting Hogs Potential

Moving Piglets
Moving Pigs

Visual Controls
Watering Animals

Single Piece Flow
Feed Bags
Batching is Bad
Single Piece Flow vs. Batching Hay Bales
Hog Farrowing

Mistake Proofing
Watering Animals

Point of Use

Reducing Variation
Variation Creates Waste
Reduce Your Variation

Value Added vs Non Value Added

Value Added vs Non Value Added


Why Big Ag Is Full of Waste